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My Dad


O ' dad you taught me lots of things,

O ' dad you are a star.

You taught me how to fix a bike,

And engines in a car.


O ' dad you taught me right from wrong,

You taught me to respect.

You taught me to take things apart,

And put them back correct.


Although you used to potch a lot,

Dismantle and repair.

When I am potching just like you,

I know that you are there.


Now you ' re gone I miss your smile,

Your humour and your fun.

We know your watching over us,

Cos you were number one.


Written by

David Boyce        12 September 2003


O' Dad we miss you


O'Dad we miss you O' so much,

It's been a sad long year.

We've thought about you so many times,

And all have shed a tear.


We know we had the best dad,

Of anyone on earth.

You took care of all six of us,

From the days of our birth.


You know we miss your laughter,

Your emotions as you cry.

We ask ourselves here everyday,

For the reasons why?


We know you 're always with us,

From the messages we have had.

We know you 'll always be there.

Cos you 're our loving Dad.


 Written by  David Boyce

 In loving memory of

Frederick James Boyce

04/10/1942   to 13/04/2003


I will never forget

i will never forget about those times
you told us stories and taught us rhymes
i will never forget the times we spent
fixing the engines and banging out dents

when i bought a new home you helped me loads
we even changed the upstairs boards
we stopped a while for a cup of tea
and i fell through up to my knee

all of these things go through my head
when i relax up in my bed

i loved you then and i love you still
i love you dad and i always will

i will never forget these times we had
you were the best

and you were





On the 13th of April in 2003,

They took you away from us and especially from me.


Although no longer with us for you are out of sight,

I talk up to you everyday and also every night.


I always feel your close to me,

In our special way.

I know that we will meet again,

I look forward to that day.


God Bless Dad.


Merry Christmas Dad


I will miss you dad at Christmas time

In my own special way

I’ll really miss you even more

At home on Christmas day


I remember all the times we had

Having all the things we liked

Lots of little presents

And the main one was a bike


There were always lots of toys

Some wrapped up in a little box

With tangerines and chocolates

In stockings made from your socks


I won’t forget you at Christmas time

I may be a little sad

I will look up towards the sky

And say “Merry Christmas Dad”


Love Always

David Boyce

 Written 12/12/04


Message from Dad


We don’t want you to feel so sad,

Although you lost a friend and dad,

This saddening thing was meant to be,

I know to you,

It’s hard to see.


He sends his love to your mother,

The grandchildren and your brothers.

Tell your mum he has missed her,

And send his love,

To your sister.


I know a sad time is coming soon,

Look up at night,

Talk to the moon.

I know it’s hard,

It seemed so wrong.

But your life now,

Must carry on.


Written by

David Boyce

10 /02 / 2005 @ 08:25 a.m.



Dear lord , we lost our father,

A short time ago.

We are all still hurting inside,

Like he would only know.


We have our personal memories,

which we will never share.

Because that cherished moment,

Came with a lot of love and care.


He knows that we all love him still,

And we still really care.

But we cannot tell him anymore,

As he is sat there in his chair.


So lord, please take care of him,

He was the only one i had.

It is on days like Fathers Day,

I really miss , MY DAD


Written By David Boyce - 18 June 2005




I may have left my body

And left you all behind

He didn’t want me to suffer anymore

It was god’s way of being kind


It is on the days like Birthdays,

Anniversaries and Christmas days

It makes us feel emotional

And wish I could have stayed


Up here I no longer suffer

The anxiety or the pain

All illnesses are taken away

And other powers we all gain


On my coming birthday

Don’t be sad about me parting

Look forward to your own life ahead

There will be new things starting


Written By David Boyce - 1st October 2005



Its been three years since i have passed

Went to heaven a place so vast

I left behind the wife i loved

Who i cannot kiss or hold and hug


I miss my kids in different ways

Love and laughter all the days

My family who i love so much

They dont see me as i come and touch


I just need to let them know

Although i'm gone i love them so

I visit you all to show i'm there

Sometimes you hear me on the stair


You turn your heads as you see me walk

I interupt as you all talk

You notice things that i will move

So your not alone that i can prove


You can talk to me as if i am there

Still sitting down in my comfy chair

I will always walk around my home

You may be by yourself but your not alone


Written by Dvid Boyce  - 13 April 2006







My Dad.

This is my dad ,Frederick James Boyce born in the village of Upperboat

near Pontypridd, South Wales on 04 October 1942.

Passed away on 13 APRIL 2003 at home in Matthewstown ,Mountain Ash ,South Wales.

Loving Husband , Loving Father of six children ,Loving Grand father of 15.

We will never forget you.

The picture of Dad shown below is from the History programme of Pontypridd town. 

Tear in my eye

O ‘Lord I am not happy
Again I am feeling sad
Because six years ago this week
You took away my dad.

I try to be very brave this month
But April is very hard
Because I have to send my love
By writing in a card

The family will shed a tear
On the anniversary day
Because we remember our dad
And the man you took away.

We smile when we think of memories
And the hearts that you just broke
Because we loved him dearly lord
And he was not just a bloke.

That man you took was my dad lord
To this day I don't know why
But on the 13th of April lord
I will get a tear in my eye.

Love and miss you lots Dad.

Dai David
x x x
x x

Written by David Boyce
6th April 2009


Missing you on Father's Day.

Sadly, my Dad has passed away,
But there is something I have to say,
Today for many is a Special day,
So, God Bless you Dad on Father Day.

I know you'll be at home with us,
And you will be saying "don't make a fuss" ,
But we miss you so, on days like this,
So your kids are sending a massive kiss.

Many people think it is silly,
Some think it's mad ,
But today is a Special one,
Happy Fathers Day , Dad !!!

Written by David Boyce
19th June 2011


Dedicated to my Dad,

Frederick James Boyce who passed away 13th April 2003.

Dad's Birthday .

I woke up today,
On this autumn morne,
To celebrate the day,
My beloved dad was born.

Although he can't be with us now,
To celebrate this day,
We think of all the happiness,
Blow you a Birthday kiss and pray.

Today we look forward,
Be happy instead of being sad,
Not wanting us to shed a tear,
Because we lost our dad.

Today I really miss him,
More than I ever day,
But I smile from deep within,
From my memories as a kid.

I'm sending out a message,
Through Heaven's Gate to say,
We miss you more than I ever did,
Especially on your Birthday.

Written by David Boyce
4th October 2011
Dedicated to my Dad, Frederick James Boyce

To the dad I love so dearly

To the dad I love so dearly
Held full of respect
I hope I make you happy
The way you would expect

To the dad I love so dearly
I miss the words you spoke
Sometimes full of wisdom
From a genuine bloke

To the dad I love so dearly
You are always in my prayers
I say goodnight, God Bless
Every night I walk my stairs

To the dad I love so dearly
Our memories will forever stay
Your love will run throughout my heart
Until the time we meet one day.

Written By David Boyce
25 September 2011


It's Ten Years today Dad

It's Ten Years today Dad,
We know you were in pain at the end,
So the lord came and took you away,
From your loving family and your friends.

We know he had his reasons why,
But we can't help feeling sad,
Because today is the 10th anniversary,
Of the day I lost my loving Dad .

As life down here continues,
We miss you every day,
I wish I had a magic wand,
To cwtch you once more today.

Written by Dave Boyce

13 April 2013


Love you always and forever .
To a great Husband, Dad , Bampi and Friend to us all.
Until we meet again one day xxx
Dai David xxx





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Revised copy from 9th June 2013 







Dad a few years ago

Love you and miss you lots......

Dai David

Loving Birthday Wishes for 4th October.

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