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True welsh

We talk about our origins

For some they are unknown

We talk about our grandfathers

And the places they had grown.

We ask about our Welshness

This is right close to our heart

But we need to go back centuries

To make a truthful start.

So many of our ancestors

Did travel many miles

Some came from Ireland, Scotland ,England

And across the waters miles.

They came with hope inside them

To get their families better wealth

But many had employment

This ruined their health.

So as long as you were born in Wales

Keep it closed inside your heart

For you possess the passion many want

From the day that your life starts.

It don't matter where you came from

Or where you're going to

Like Porthcawl rock you're stamped for life

And you're Welsh , through and through.

Written by David Boyce

05 July 2008

The Welsh Rugby

The Welsh have feelings about rugby

No other Nation can describe

They sing all their rugby songs

To keep the game alive.

We hate to lose at rugby

And cannot stand defeat

Their songs are sang much louder

As they stand out of their seats.

The Millennium Stadium

Is their National rugby ground

You need to see a Welsh rugby match

To enjoy the immense sound.

The Three Feathers as a logo

Sits right above Welsh hearts

They sing their National Anthem

Before the Rugby starts.

So come on the Welsh rugby teams

Play the game like a proper side

Because the Nation is behind you

So play the game with pride.


Written by David Boyce

17 March 2007


Welsh Daffodils

As you walk along the valley floor

And along the valleys hills

You will see the blooming flowers

Of the great Welsh daffodils.

They stand so tall on big long stalks

So proud to be called Welsh

The yellow petals so vibrant

Which are looking full of health.

The trumpet opens fully

To take in the fresh Welsh air

Used to represent St David's Day

And to uplift all those in care.

To go with them God made a place

Full of green mountains and the vales

And the daffodils proudly stand today

As a symbol for our Wales.

Written by David Boyce

09 September 2007

What we love about the welsh valleys

The trees that line the hillsides,

Follow the contours of the land,

From the giant Breacon Beacon peaks,

To the Porthcawl seaside sands.

Some hillsides are manmade thou,

Left over coal put into mounds,

But nature has taken over now,

Since mining has stopped underground.

Some fields are used for food crops,

When others just for grazing,

And what we love about the welsh valleys most,

The sights are always amazing.

Written by David Boyce

09 April 2009

Humans and Daffodils

The human body
Is like a daffodil
It needs love
And a lot of will.
The stem itself
Is like the vein
Takes all the goodness
From the ground and rain.
The trumpet stands
So bold and proud
Like human beings
Within a crowd.
The growth depends
With strength within
Like a daffodil
And the soil it's in.
The colour not seen
Until the spring
Like a matured body
With love within.

Written by David Boyce
09 April 2009

Beautiful valleys

The welsh valleys are so beautiful

Many different shades of green

For many miles on mountain tops

The fir trees can be seen

The birch trees in the summer

The grass to feed the sheep

The stingy nettles and the ferns

In the ridges which are deep

The welsh valleys are so beautiful

But all is not what it seems at all

Some mountains as regenerated

Old tips of yesteryears coal

You need to see the scenery

To see the beauty here in Wales

Beauty is not just in the Beacons

It's in the valleys and the vales

Written by David Boyce

3rd May 2009

We are going to Treherbert

We are going to Treherbert
Up on the railway track
We need to get some tokens out
To go up the single line and back

We go from Porth to Ystrad
With a token made of brass
Then it's changed for another one
For Treherbert, green as grass

It's busy with commuters
And the kids for all the schools
Take the locals to the small town shops
And the kids down to the pool

We are going to Treherbert
Up through the valleys bends
To a small old railway depot
Where the railway line now ends

Written by David Boyce
13 May 2009


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